You Are Suffering with Stress?

Stress is an unavoidable part of life, in which no one is immune. Stress takes many forms: ulcers, eczema, high blood pressure, eating/sleeping disorders, anxiety, depression, road rage, irritable bowel and chronic fatigue syndrome, just to name a few. Stress, when ignored, can lead to dysfunction, malfunction and disease. But, when optimally managed, stress can be the energy that moves us to increased productivity and optimal health. The Wellness Centre provides an empowering approach to managing stress. By developing a new relationship with stress, one is able to achieve a passionate sense of purpose, deep comfort and appreciation of themselves.

How we Treat

We will discuss areas where you are balanced and coping optimally, and areas which are strained and possibly moving toward burnout. A customized treatment plan will be provided with personalized recommendations.

The assessment will provide you with insight into the specific triggers that impact your stress level as well as illuminate your specific strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, we provide a vast amount of networking opportunities and further direction toward self-growth. 

We successfully treat and resolve these issues rapidly!!!

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