Do You Have Relationship Issues?

There are so many ways in which a marriage or a long-term relationship can run into difficulties. Sometimes, the problems seem to be of a sexual nature. For some reason, either partner may not seem to be getting the 'sexual spark' with one another. Sometimes, it may seem that a couple has drifted apart in terms of emotional intimacy or shared goals. It may be that either, or both people seem to be spending most of their time shouting at each other, in a sulk, or in a jealous rage. Anything can be changed if you want it to, your relationship can get better. 


How We Help

The models of NLP allow to help simplify and change the ways in which you think and feel about issues that may have been stopping your relationship from flourishing, and also, if appropriate, change habitual ways of behaving or responding to the other person.

We aim to make a useful, noticeable difference in just one or two hour-long sessions.

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