The Wellness Centre knows that by establishing an emotional balance of positive emotions, it enables the ability for one  to be effective, productive and resourceful.


What is NLP Coaching?


NLP Coaching provides a framework, which supports you into taking responsibility for your own results, by changing your focus into powerful, positive and resourceful states. 

TWC provides you with access to your own inner personal power, self confidence, self reliance and decisiveness using NLP, Time Line Therapy™, Creating Your Future™, Coaching techniques, and Hypnosis.


Why NLP Coaching?


NLP Coaching means that you will be able to easily learn step by step, so that upon completion of this exciting programme you will be able to use the techniques that you have learnt for yourself and also with other people. You will be safe in the knowledge that you have full, expert and professional support from TWC's In House Coaching team. This ensures that you reach the expert level far quicker than if you tried to do it all on your own. We support you in becoming an expert in consistently achieving all your goals.

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