The Wellness Centre can offer hope and help if you face destructive dependence on any substance taken for non-medical reasons. The addiction to drugs and alcohol can be a serious habit that builds long-term consequences, including serious problems that can affect your physical or mental health, relationships, employment and the law. These chains of addiction bind you, stopping you from living a full and balanced life. 

This does not have to be your destiny. The wellness Centre are devoted to helping individuals overcome and eliminate their struggles with addiction, restoring health and balance to your mind & body.

The techniques used at 
The wellness Centre enable you to understand the true cause of your addiction, detoxify your body and restore your empowered free will. We help to heal the physical damage that the abuse causes to your body and brain.

Our therapy, guidance and healing is offered in a highly comfortable environment, complete with comfortable amenities for your betterment. We will provide a personal empowerment plan, exclusively designed to help you identify the cause of your addiction and then to overcome the addiction itself.
Contact us today to begin your journey and take back your life.