Stop Smoking easy & Without Weight Gain. Breathe free again. Gain more energy. Gain a new, more satisfying self-image. 

Re-discover the joy of tasting food. Become Tobacco Free.


The average smoker waste's £1,800.00 per year to £3,600.00 per year or more on their habit. 

What would you do with the extra money?


Hypnotherapy and NLP make it easy for you to enjoy a far more pleasant and healthier lifestyle. Plus the benefits are fast acting and long lasting. To top it off, your sessions are very affordable.


In 2 - 6 weeks, you can stop smoking and leave that distasteful habit behind. 

Hypnotherapy & NLP are proven the most effective and easiest methods for eliminating these habits above all other methods. 

Hypnotherapy and NLP are proven ideal for fast habit control. Despite popular notions, smoking is a 90% mental and emotional habit, yet it has a physical dependency of less than 10%. What's also great about eliminating the habit is that once you stop smoking, it only takes about 2 weeks for the nicotine to completely leave your body. Therefore, whilst the main sources of your once hard to control habit are being reduced, the physical need is also being reduced - naturally, without drugs. The result is that your physical, mental and emotional dependencies are eradicated.

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