I left high school in 1995 and was signed on as a apprentice for Blackpool at the age of 16. I then spent the next 3 years playing for Blackpool before moving on briefly to Wrexham. I was then approached by my hometown club of Bury who I gladly signed for and spent nearly 2 years there were I really started to make a name for myself . Eventually a much bigger club came knocking and in 2002 I signed for Wigan. I spent nearly three and a half years there were we was very successful winning league 1 then eventually winning promotion to the premier league . After leaving Wigan I then went and had spells at Norwich , Preston, Leicester , Brighton and Oldham .
On the surface many people thought I had a fabulous career and lifestyle being a professional footballer, but behind closed doors I was secretly suffering with the pressures of my footballing and everyday life . This led to frustration, anxiety ,heartache and ultimately depression. Living with this had a enormous affect on my football ability as I wasn't able to perform as expected. I'd tried to speak to various Theropist and experts to try and help but was never able to find a connection or open up properly . That is I until I met David Wilson . I instantly felt at ease and very quickly developed the relationship to open up and tell him about my problems. David proceed to give me the tools needed to rid me of the issues and problems which had plagued me through much of my playing career and personal life.
I can say without question David Wilson has changed my life around and I can now look to the future with hope, excitement and promise. Jason now works for the Wellness Centre as it changed his life and now he is a certified therapist.